Cafe Sacher

Philharmonikerstrasse 4, Vienna A-1010, Austria

Opened in 1876, the Sacher Hotel in Vienna continues to serve up Franz Sacher’s original torte recipe from 1832.  The hotel has separate entrances for the restaurant, cafe, and hotel.

ExteriorThe cafe interior is very nicely decorated in early 1900 decor.  Not many people are dressed up so tourist clothing won’t look that out of place.  But you can’t bring bags into the dining area so they must be checked in.
InteriorThe World famous Original Sacher-Torte

IMAG1602It’s a chocolate cake thinly coated by hand with apricot jam just beneath the icing served with unsweetened whip cream and topped with a dark chocolate.  The chocolate cake is dry and the icing is overly sweet.  It was very difficult to eat.  I had to force it down.

Apple pie with powdered sugarAppleI wish this came out hot.  Or I wish there was a readily available toaster oven/microwave.  The pastry was nice and soft on the bottom and apples were not overly sweet.  It just tasted like it sat for the whole day behind a glass counter.

For all the people that say you need to go to Hotel Sacher for their original chocolate torte, you should tell them no.  This torte was really hard to eat and definitely not worth the money.  I would come visit and watch other people eat a torte if you’re really into tortes.  The apple pie was good though and we all ended up eating it.

Tummy Points: 2 out of 5

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