Restaurant Das Schick

Parkring 12, 1010 Wien, Austria

The restaurant sits on top of a hotel with a great view of Vienna.  The restaurant is really nice inside with good service.  We dressed up for this one and so did most others in the restaurant.  It’s a very small restaurant but it wasn’t very busy in the summer weekday we went.
BreadI enjoy most of the bread except the ones with the olives.  Olives are not my thing.

Complimentary appetizer:

IMAG1640Some light cream over corn on a toasted bread.  Very yummy and set expectations high.

Tapas and Tidbits
AppetizerFrom top left to bottom right: shrimp over corn, I forgot, some spongy thing, artichoke with a hard thing, a small quiche, prosciutto, and finally very fishy fresh anchovies in the center.

Let’s just say our favorite was the quiche, prosciutto, and shrimp.  I had the anchovies but I couldn’t eat the stuff underneath.  Everything else wasn’t very good to the taste buds.

PorkThis didn’t come out very hot but it was moist.  I really liked the butter and potato dumplings.

Salmon, Scallop, Tiger Shrimp, and a Potato Wonton
FishI really liked the wonton.  Everything else was all over the place with different very fishy tastes.

Complimentary desserts:
DessertNice hard candies that wasn’t very flavorful but OK.

This restaurant was hit or miss.  I enjoyed things like the dumplings and complimentary bread but the tapas weren’t so great and my dish had elements that were good but didn’t meld well together.  Luckily their menu changes each month so you may find something you like there.  It was very pricey but had great service and a great view of the city at night.

Tummy Points: 3 out of 5

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