Sky Restaurant

Karntner Strasse 19, Vienna 1010, Austria

Sitting above the rooftops of most buildings in the area, Sky restaurant gives a good view of Stephansplatz in Vienna.  The interior is modern decor, they have roof top seating, and smoke free seating.
IMAG1592These flowers were beautiful so I took a photo of them

Added cost bread:
IMAG1589The brown bread was really dry but the white bread was soft and tasted like something they bought from the grocery store.  At least it tasted like it was made/bought the same day.

Potato salat & sauce tartar
IMAG1595The sauce is sour, the potato are soft-ish and the greens are crispy.  I mainly ate the greens and poked at the potatoes.  It just so sour.

Homemade Tagliatelle with basil, olives, sheeps‘s cheese & lemon zest
IMAG1593The pasta was fresh made but didn’t stand out.

Roast Chicken Liver

chicken liverVery yummy.  A tad on the overcooked side but the panko was light and tasty.

Well cooked inside
IMAG1596I just wished there was more liver to eat.  I wasn’t full after eating this but I think they assumed I’d fill up on the potato.  Instead I filled up on the bread.

Hot chocolate cake with oodruff granita
IMAG1597 IMAG1598The molten lava chocolate cake was awesome.  It came out fresh hot and oozed of dark chocolate.  The cake was crispy too.  The green rock candy was odd.  It was a melon taste.

The restaurant has a great view and service was nice.  The food came out fresh and hot.  I was underwhelmed with the pasta but the roast chicken liver was yummy but on the light side.  The dessert totally sold it for me.  I wouldn’t recommend dinner here but the view is nice and dessert is great!

Tummy Points 3.5 out of 5

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