Hotel Red Lion Restaurant


Nerudova 41, Praha 1 – Mala Strana, Prague 118 00,
Czech Republic
Food: 2/5
Service: 2.5/5
Tummy Points 2.5/5

One of Prague’s major attractions is the Prague Castle which also includes the very popular for tourist, St. Vitus Cathedral.  St. Vitus Cathedral is capacity controlled so most people will try to arrive early or visit later in the evening.  We opted for the morning so after 3-4 hours walking around the castle grounds we left for Lesser Quarter along the popular Nerudova street in search of food.

As usual, I fall prey to tourist traps when I’m hungry and I went into Hotel Red Lion’s Restaurant without even knowing because the outside building is colored differently than the hotel but I should’ve picked it up when the restaurant didn’t have a name to it.  But here we are with Hotel Red Lion that is rated 4 out of 5 stars from Expedia and TripAdvisor and I’m expecting something decent.

Menus are plastic with photocopied black and white text only inlays.  They’re dirty too.  They have a lot of food options but we went with local fare hoping they do a decent job and we don’t get sick.  Surprisingly, food came out very quickly and hot.

Beef Goulash and Potato Dumplings
GolashThe goulash was definitely not looking like the goulash I had in Budapest.  This was very dark brown that’s more consistent with baked beans.  The goulash was very salty.  The potato dumplings tasted like stale bread.

Roast Pork Knee
Pork KnuckleThe pork skin is hot, dry, and sticky.  All signs it was microwaved.  The horseradish wasn’t spicy.

MicrowaveThe pork was on the dry side.  I could only eat this with the help of the horseradish.  After I finished the horseradish, the pork was just so dry and bland that I stopped eating.

I didn’t enjoy the food but I didn’t get sick.  The restaurant was empty when we were there but I’m still disappointed that food was microwaved.  So this is one of those typical case of “you should avoid hotel restaurants” that turned out to be true.  If you see this, keep walking.

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