Richmond Hill Ribfest 2014


Richmond Green Park
1300 Elgin Mills Road East

Tummy Points: 3/5

Notes: Ribs 1/3 rack: ~$9, 1/2 rack: $13, full rack: $23 

The Richmond Hill Ribfest is a three-day outdoor event that features professional rib teams from across North America.  They even have carnival games and activities for kids.  They have other carnival foods along with ribs but ribs take center stage.

A huge inflatable dinosaur welcomes visitors:
WP_20140726_12_58_20_Pro_smParking is free and it’s fairly easy to find one in the large lot.

The carnival includes play to win games and activities for kid:

WP_20140726_12_19_28_Pro_smIt’s fairly quiet because most of the visitors are eating.  The great thing is admission is free.

This is where to buy ribs:

WP_20140726_12_22_14_Pro_smLots of choices with huge billboards.  And they all have awards in front to impress.

More ribs

WP_20140726_12_22_28_Pro_smCamp 31 had the longest line but they go through the line fairly quickly. I was tempted by the lemonade stand.  Most places had pulled pork and chicken but no sausages and no brisket.

And even more ribs

WP_20140726_12_22_43_Pro_smThere’s even onion blooms, fresh fried chips, beaver tails, ice cream, and other foods you’ll find at the CNE. But ribs take the center stage here.  And the most important fact, they also serve beer.

Grill master

WP_20140726_12_36_06_Pro_smPappy’s Olde Fashion Soda Pop:

WP_20140726_12_49_55_Pro_smI got my metal cup from here where, for $8, you get the cup and choose any drink you want to fill it with. Refills are $3.  There’s 7 flavors to choose from: Orange Drink, Diet Birch Beer, Loganberry, Birch Beer, Raging Root Beer, Cream Soda, Butter Beer.  I got Birch Beer which tasted like light root beer.

Eating tent
WP_20140726_12_21_40_Pro_smThey had cleaning stations with water and sanitizer.  They even had wet naps and bibs at the tables under the tent.

The open area with live music
WP_20140726_12_21_34_Pro_smThe music was decent.

And finally the ribs I got from Billy Bones BBQ:


Billy Bones BBQ had the second longest line so a 1/2 rack from them.

Very saucy
IMAG2093The ribs are the Northern kind which are wet with lots of BBQ sauce.  The sauce has a slight kick and very vinegary.  The meat is on the tougher drier side so they don’t fall off the bone.  Due to the limitations of the venue, ribs are re-cooked/pre-smoked and generally stored in containers then pulled out when needed and put on the grill to warm up.

It’s a good event that is a great place to take the family. Good food, good music, and games for the whole family.  But for a foodie, the ribfest has good ribs but I much prefer the dry ribs from the well known BBQ joints in Texas.

2 responses to “Richmond Hill Ribfest 2014

  1. I like those metal cups. They keep your drinks colder and it’s cool that you got to keep it. The butter beer one sounds interesting. I’ve never heard the likes of it. Wonder how it tastes…

    Boo for tough ribs! Ribs are meant to fall of the bone. I wonder if any of the other places would have been better.


    • I agree fully. Should fall off the bone. I didn’t get a chance to try another place. But I didn’t have any high expectations after that. I’ll post some BBQ places I went to Lockhart, TX. Those were VERY yummy


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