Asian Legend


125 Ravel Road
Toronto, ON
Leslie St. and Finch Ave. E
Toronto, ON

Tummy Points: 3.5 out of 5

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I’ve been to the one in China town a number of times for lunch so I’m glad to see it opening closer to my home. Asian Legend is well known for it’s variety of tasty dumplings. I really enjoy its selection of light dim sum dishes for lunch but how does it fare for dinner?


It’s very busy on a weekend evening so be sure to come early. We waited for over half an hour for a table.

dsc01540smou2Glutinous Rice Roll (Pork)

dsc01542smrn6It’s a fried dough crushed, surrounded by pulled dry pork, and wrapped in sticky rice. The plastic wrap holds it together and keeps the moisture in. It goes well with the warm soy milk.

I think this was called Yang Zhou Style Pressed Bean Curd. It has snow peas, bamboo shoots, bean curd, shrimp, and scallops.

dsc01543smoe7This dish is fairly small with very little scallops and shrimps. The bamboo shoots are soft while the bean curds tasted much like other restaurants. I thought it would have been vegetable dishes but I guess bean curds are healthy too.

I’m not sure what this was called but it comes with stir fry and a plate of steamed “lotus leaf pancakes”. You have a choice of pork, chicken, or beef for the stirfry. We chose beef because it didn’t need to be fully cooked keeping it tender.

dsc01544smxh3The lotus leaf pancakes are fairly thin so you can really enjoy the taste of the stirfry but it comes at the cost of easily breaking and getting your hand covered with sauce. The stirfry is made fresh and quite flavourful.

I recommend coming with a couple of friends to get a taste from as many dishes as possible. Large dishes are resonably priced at $11-15 with each easily satisfying one’s appetite. I enjoy having lunch at Asian legend and dinner is just as enjoyable. Most of the foods are heavy on oil so I don’t recommend making this a daily dinner spot.

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