Ruth’s Chris Steak House


77 City Centre Drive
Suite 100
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 1M5

Tummy Points: 4 out of 5

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If you read travel magazines you’ve likely run across ads for Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I’ve heard a lot of things about Ruth’s Chris like it’s steaks served sizzling (radio commericals) on a big block of butter (friends) and the steaks are decent (co-workers). Now it’s time for me to have my own stories to tell about Ruth’s Chris.

Open dinner area:

dsc01514sm5rtWarm bread to hold you until the main courses arrive:

dsc01515sm7vh16oz New York Strip:

dsc01516sm0yxSteaks come sizzling over butter on hot plates. I had my steak served medium rare and it came with a nice red inside. I heard the steaks have a crispy top but mine was only marginally crispy. The flavour was rich, especially with the butter, but not overwhelming. Most steaks are priced around $50 and vary in size based on the type. Comparing their steaks to other steak houses with the same price range, I would say the Ruth Chris offers the unique sizzling plate and crispy top. I personally prefer New Yorks because they aren’t too marbled.

Oscar (crab cake & asparagus):

dsc01517sm6leMy girlfriend noticed a strong fish taste. I initially passed it off as just a normal crab cake as this was better than crab cakes I’ve tried at other well established restaurants. Then I looked more closely and realized there was very little crab and too much fish in the crab cake. They put a sweet mayo-like sauce to mask the sauce. The asparagus was very small and narrow. The server did mention the asparagus were more like tips than actual asparagus. For a price around $13, it is fairly pricy.

I had a high expectations coming into Ruth Chris. The service is good with prompt front desk service, complimentary coat check, and friendly server. Unlike other fancy steak houses (i.e. Le Bifthèque), there is no sharing charge. The steak is pretty good but other dishes are of lower quality. Considering the price, I would recommend other restaurants such as Canoe, or if you must have steak, consider Morton’s.

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