Grizzly House

One of the unique restaurants I found in Banff is Grizzly's. You can't miss it with its unique looking store front. It's usually busy here during the tourist season with everyone wanting to try something different rather than the usual McDonald's just down the street. Service was good. Food takes a while to come out so plan to have a 1.5-2.5 hour dinner. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend a visit when you're out in Banff.

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Richmond Hill Ribfest 2014

The Richmond Hill Ribfest is a three-day outdoor event that features professional rib teams from across North America. They even have carnival games and activities for kids. They have other carnival foods along with ribs but ribs take center stage. Good food, good music, and games for the whole family. But for a foodie, the ribfest has good ribs but I much prefer the dry ribs from the well known BBQ joints in Texas.

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