El’s Japanese Restaurant


 17-2008 33 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2T 1Z4

Tummy Points: 4 out of 5

El's Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

You would think that being completely land-locked would mean there’s no fresh seafood insight. At least that’s what I thought and, boy, was I wrong. A newly opened sushi restaurant in Calgary called El’s Japanese Fusion (they offer a few non-Japanese dishes but I wouldn’t call it fusion) offers some of the most fresh fish I’ve ever had.

There’s street parking and parking around the back. The parking lot is small.

The inside is small too:

NOM2912_smThey only had a few tables (I recall 7 off the top of my head).

Miso soup:

NOM2913_smFresh seaweed and lots of green onions. Nothing unusual here.

Spicy Salmon and (another spicy roll which I need to look up the name):

NOM2915_smThey use a sweet sauce that wasn’t really hot. I really like the fresh salmon but I wasn’t fond of the sweet sauce they used. I much prefer the spicy mayo that most restaurants use.

Sushi Combo:

NOM2916_smWow, all the fishes here are so fresh. The BBQ eel at the far right tastes a lot better than other restaurants who usually taste like something from the grocery store. The sweet shrimp, second to the left in the back row, was very fresh and a lot better than the normal shrimp to the right of it. Most restaurants I’ve been to lately use too much vinegar in preparation but you don’t get that here. The only sore spot is the California rolls, to the left, which I much prefer having avocados inside than just shredded shrimp.

The restaurant is small, the prices are a tad high but still reasonable. There’s only 1 waitress in the restaurant so service can be a bit slow but she’s nice. But the fishes here are amazing. It’s not as good as those from the famous Sushi Dai in Japan but very worth the visit to El’s. I highly recommend ordering the simple sushis rather than their more complicated rolls as I didn’t take a liking to their interpretation of spicy salmon rolls.

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