Duff’s Famous Wing


1604 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4G 3B7

Tummy Points: 2 out of 5

Duff's Famous Wings on Urbanspoon

It’s one of the most popular wings restaurants in Toronto and a few of my friends claim it serves the best wings, but I didn’t taste anything special. We were originally planning to go to Allstar Wings but a friend said Duff’s were better. I had wings a couple times with this friend at other restaurants that I found good but he said this was better so my expectations were quite high.

A bar like interior with a few LCD TVs and tight seating:

NOM3093_smIt was fairly busy at dinner time on a Saturday but they moved the crowd fairly quickly.

Complimentary Celery sticks:

NOM3094_smThe celery was very fresh and crunchy. It wasn’t too stringy. Comes with ranch and blue cheese for dipping.


NOM3096_smLightly battered over elasticy calamari. It wasn’t fresh chewy but more soft. The calamari was very thinly sliced.

Buffalo shrimp:

NOM3095_smSmall freshly fried shrimps covered lightly with batter and buffalo sauce. I actually liked these. For $7.95 it’s pricy for a wings place.


NOM3099_smThese taste like fries from Burger King but without the over salting. So they’re slight crunchy and come out warm. I wished they were freshly fried.

Onion rings:

NOM3100_smThey taste exactly as those you get from Harvey’s. Pretty good onion rings.

Hot Buffalo Wings:

NOM3098_smThe hot wings tickled our tongue. They were fairly small compared to the wings I’ve had at Bone Daddy’s in Texas. Batter was not too think but the chicken was slightly overcooked and dry. Watch out for broken bones as we got a few of those in our order of 70 wings. They offer a large number of hotness from mild to armageddon.

Honey Garlic Wings:

NOM3097_smWithout the think batter and hot sauce, the garlic wings easily show you that the wings are overcooked and dry. If you’re not into hot wings or buffalo sauce then you’re limited to honey garlic or BBQ. Buffalo Wild Wings and Wing Stop offer a much more flavors.

The wings were overcooked and dry. The fries and onion rings were items we could find elsewhere. The seating is cramped. The service was pleasant but she had to handle a lot of tables so it was difficult getting hold of her. Duff’s is alright but you can get a lot better. They offer a very small choice of flavors but orders get filled very quickly. Price was average as it works out to be about $1 per wing. I personally wouldn’t recommend coming to Duff’s but I guess it’s worth one visit to personally taste what all the hype is about. I was fairly disappointed so I’m hoping Allstar Wings is a lot better.


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