U Pravdo

Zitna 15, Prague, Czech Republic
Website: http://upravdu.com

Our first day in Prague we had to try out some of the local fare. We also didn’t want to venture too far because I was too hungry and getting lost or walking 30+ minutes wasn’t on the top of my agenda. Luckily the hotel staff pointed us to a local place that got some decent online reviews.

On the outside it looks like a bar or a family restaurant.

IMAG1769On the inside it looks like bar with table seating areas too. Since it was a warm day, we decided to sit in the “garden” which is an outdoor area in the back surrounded by buildings.  It’s not that bad looking but you can see people hanging their clothes to dry high above. A couple families had their children at the restaurant.

GardenChicken skewer with potato salad
Chicken KabobChicken pieces were thick and well cooked. The potato salad had a hint of sour taste to it with chunks of potato. My wife enjoyed it but I wasn’t my cup of tea.

Roast duck with potato dumplings over red cabbage
DuckRoast duck was on the dry side and so it became stringy. The skin was nice and semi crispy. The potato dumplings taste like thick sponge bread marshmallows. I would later find out that this actually one of the best potato dumplings on my whole trip.

The restaurant doesn’t look so nice. Food took a while to come out but service was really nice.  The potato dumplings were the most memorable for me but overall there wasn’t anything here that I would recommend people to come for.  If you’re staying close to here, it’s worth a visit, otherwise try something else.  It’s possible that Prague’s local fare wasn’t my thing.

Tummy Points: 2.5 out of 5

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