Csapi Falatozo

Great Market Hall, Vamhaz korut 1-3 (Third Floor), Budapest 1093, Hungary
Website: https://www.facebook.com/csapi.falatozo

The Budapest Great Market Hall wasn’t on our original sightseeing plans but we needed to buy some magnets and they’re cheapest at the market.

It’s the largest and oldest indoor market in Budapest.  Originally built in 1897 to support the growing merchant community that only a building this large could support without spreading the market too far.

Budapest Great MarketThe top floor has many embroidery, toys, souvenirs, and fast food restaurants.  The main floor sells vegetables, fruits, and deli meats.  While the stinky foods like raw meats, fresh fish, and pickled vegetables and meats are found on the bottom floor.

Budapest Great Market Interior

On the top floor I found Csapi Falatozo which sells several dishes of Budapest local fare
csapi falatozo

Since I hadn’t tried Budapest’s Goulash yet. I figured this was the place I’d try it.
IMAG1746The beef was on the salty side but very tasty and nicely stewed. It was mostly beef flank which I like.  The small potato dumplings were chewy and tasted like thick pasta dumplings.

The Great Market is a good place to visit if you need to find some souvenirs for your Budapest trip.  Unlike most malls, the prices fluctuate greatly from store to store so shop around.  The goulash was really good and worth trying.  If I’m in Budapest again, I’ll drop by and try another dish, another restaurant, or just the same dish again.

Tummy Points: 3.5 out of 5

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