The Big Fish

Andrassy ut 44., Budapest 1061, Hungary

It’s a fish market and a restaurant. That can only be a good sign of food to come!  So you order whatever you want, pay for it, find a seat, they will cook it, and they’ll bring it right to you.
IMAG1709The interior is modern decor and they have a few small street side high table seating.

I ordered a lemonade.  It came with a good amount of lemonade and some 7up.  A great drink that considered getting another to-go.
IMAG1713A seafood paella
IMAG1714Inside are shrimps, mussels, and some small squids.  The rice was fluffy but overly soft.

The seafood mix
IMAG1715Really yummy.  I just wished there was more.  I think there was only 1-2 tiger shrimps but lots of small squids and mussels.  It was a really nice broth that I dipped the bread in after I finished everything.

The portion sizes are small but it was around the $15 USD range.  All the seafood was fresh and very yummy.  I would come back here if I had the chance.  Service was friendly and patient while I was choosing things to eat.  I wish their menu was better laid out and in English.  I highly recommend his restaurant if you’re into seafood.

Tummy Points: 4 out of 5

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