La Pizza Di Mamma Sophia

Kiraly Utca 20, Budapest, Hungary

A narrow street off the busy St. Stephen’s Basilica is a small pizzeria serving up fresh pizza.  It’s really busy at night with a short line up that intermittently grows. They’re very fast serving people so it’s not bad. Interior A fresh pizza comes out. Pizzas Unfortunately, the didn’t have the mushroom pizza that I love so we had to choose from what they did have based on looks.

Anchovy Pizza Anchovie Pizza Yup, anchovies. My wife didn’t realize it was anchovies until she took a few bites and felt a slightly fishy taste. It was fresh anchovies so it’s not the salty kind we’re used to in North America. Overall it was good pizza but not for everyone. Ham pizza Ham PizzaIt was hot and fresh. The crust was thin and crunchy too. Ingredients were fresh.

They had good pizza.  They don’t have many pizzas with vegetables and not a lot of variety since they sell out fast.  Plus, if you’re up for dessert, they even have a Nutella pizza. I think it worked out to less than $2 USD a slice.  It tasted much better than most pizzas you find in North America.  But it doesn’t hold up compared to the pizza in Italy.  If you’re in Budapest and want pizza, this is a good choice. 

Tummy Points: 3.5 out of 5

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