LENZ Schank und Speiselokal

Pettenkoferstr. 48, 80336 Munich, Bavaria, German
Website: http://www.speiselokal-lenz.de

After a red eye flight, visiting and passing out at the BMW Welt and Museum, and passing out in the Olympic tower, we went to a restaurant close to our hotel.  Located at the corner of some small quiet streets is Lenz.
DoorA bar and casual restaurant.  It’s a pretty basic interior with wooden chairs and wooden tables.  No cushioning here.
InteriorIt was very quiet on a weekday evening.

Roast pork with skin and potato dumplings
PorkThe pork and crispy skin are separated.  The pork was on the dry side.  The skin was crispy and tasted like ones you’d find at Chinese BBQ roast big.  Just this one was thicker.  The potato dumplings tasted like Matzah balls.

Wiener Schnitzel
IMAG1548_smThe best schnitzel I’ve ever had. The panko was just right – not too thick, not heavy, and didn’t flake off.  The potato and onions were so filling.  They were nicely roasted.  I just wished there was some more nutritious vegetables in there like some red peppers.

Lenz serves really good schnitzel.  I’d recommend coming here to give their schnitzel a try.  But their pork dish was a serious miss for me.  Service is also slow and not very attentive.  I didn’t get a chance to eat schnitzel much on my trip so I’d give other places a try the next time I’m in Germany.

Tummy Points: 3.5 out of 5


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