2205 Commissioner St.
Vancouver, BC V5L
Notes: Roasted Mussels $16, Sauteed Scallops & Prawns $28.95, Salmon Wellington $32, Jacques’ Favorites $11, Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumb $8
Price: $$$
Ambiance: Business Casual
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Tummy Points: 3.5/5
The Cannery on Urbanspoon

Outside the busy Vancouver city center, along the pier, lies a jem of a seafood restaurant called the Cannery.

To get to the Cannery, you’ll need to drive through a security check point, past a number of parked trains, and ship loaders. It really feels odd to be driving here at night with little to no lights and no one around.

But when you get there, you’re greeted with a little tug boat at the front and a little house named the Cannery.

The inside is all wooden decorated with various photos of boats, dining awards, and model fishing boats. The main dining area is small but they have upstairs seating for parties. The Cannery has wonderful windows that overlook the Vancouver Harbor. A great view during sunset.

Sadly, the Cannery was closed earlier this year when its non-renewable lease expired. The Cannery is located in the secure area of the pier so it could be seen as a potential security risk to the Port Authorities.

In case you’ve heard raves about this restaurant and wonder what it was like, you can read my review.

Complimentary bread wasn’t fresh and wasn’t warm either. It was literally saved by the oil below.

The Cannery’s famous lobster oil is overrated if you’re planning to dine at The Cannery just for it. But it’s a pleasant surprise. It has a nice sweet flavor to it but not a “lobster” taste to it. It’s a good thick oil that sticks to the bread really well.

Roasted mussels on a sizzling cast iron pan, chorizo, pine nuts, caper beurre noir. It really came out hot and it was filled with lots of mussels and chorizo. This was my favorite dish but it was on the salty side. Hopefully you saved some of that complimentary bread for dipping in this dish’s sauce.

The mussels were very large and plump. These are fresh and way better than anything you can buy at your regular grocery store.

Sauteed Scallops & Prawns with asparagus tempura rice roll and citrus wasabi glaze. If you’ve had shrimp and bok choy at a Chinese restaurant then you know how this tastes. But the shrimps were much more crunchy. I just wished they were double the size or at least 50% larger. The tempura rice roll was the only thing standing out in this dish and it’s not much different than dried shrimp in seaweed that you can get at Chinese dim sum.

The Cannery’s famous Salmon Wellington. local salmon, fresh shrimpmeat and mushroom duxelle, baked in golden puff pastry, Pinot Noir sauce. It all sounds nice and fancy. Salmon was overcooked and boarderline dry. The pastry was on the hard side and not light and flaky.

Here you can see how the salmon breaks apart in small bits because it’s well done. Perhaps I’m used to my salmon being moist and tender. I love my juicy salmon steaks on an open barbeque.

Jacques’ Favorites with dark chocolate hazelnut praline cube, blood orange crème brulee, house made caramel pecan ice cream on a crispy spoon. The chocolate cube was very thick and sweet. Really good and the best of the 3 so save it for last. The pecan ice cream was nice and light in flavor. It’s not as good as Italian gelato but the thin crispy Chinese soup spoon was very neat. The orange creme brulee was slight bitter so it’s best consumed first. The sugar top wasn’t properly carmelized and was quite forgettable.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble was another forgettable dish. There wasn’t much taste to the cake and only the color pink reminds you that it’s supposed to be strawberry. But the chocolate at the top was yummy!

For a restaurant in such a great location with so many accolades from Vancouver residents, I was surprised at how underwhelmed I was with the food. Perhaps I went in with much too high expectations. It was bad but it wasn’t amazing. The service was good but I’ve had better an Canoe in Toronto. If you missed this restaurant, you didn’t miss much except the really great view.

Even though the Cannery is now closed, not all is lost. They’ve carried a few of their signature dishes like lobster oil, roasted mussels, and salmon wellington to their sister restaurant, The Fish House in Stanley Park. I’d highly recommend the roasted mussels and skip over everything else until the dark chocolate cube.


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