Markville Mall,
5000 Highway 7 E.,
Markham, ON L3R 4M9

Notes: Cinnabon $5.99,
Minibon $3.50

Price: $
Ambiance: Casual
Food: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Tummy Points: 3/5
Cinnabon on Urbanspoon

While in a shopping mall, you’ll know there’s a Cinnabon nearby if you smell cinnamon in the air. It’s such a big tease. It’s even more tempting when you turn your head and see them cutting a soft oven-hot cinnamon bun from the tray of buns. It’s just so hard to resist. Until you think of the calories. But, how could you not spoil yourself from time to time. So broke down and picked one up after seeing a number of people buy one and many more fresh ones coming out of their ovens.

Started in 1985, Cinnabon currently has over 700 franchised locations, usually malls, around the world. Cinnabon mentions that their warm dough is filled with Makara Cinnamon from Indonesia and topped with freshly made cream cheese frosting. I couldn’t find much details on Makara Cinnamon but they claim it comes from the park of cassia trees high in the mountains.

NOM5380_smThe Cinnabon was warm still when it was plated. The inside was so soft and melted in my mouth. The outside was lightly toasted. The cinnamon was good and fairly evenly spread thoughout the cinnamon bun. The frosting is usually too sweet for my tastes but it was warm, a lot better tasting that grocery store bakery frosting, and not too sweet. Usually I scrap off the frosting but this time I didn’t.

Since Cinnabon is franchised, I would highly recommend taking a look at the cinnabun turn around before deciding to buy one. If a lot of people are buying and it looks hot and soft, buy. Otherwise I’d avoid. When it’s good it’s really good and worth the calories. In case you’re wondering, it’s 813 calories and 8g of saturated fat (40% of daily). A Big Mac looks healthy in comparison.


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