Manny’s Steak House

NOM5200_smmannys_sm821 Marquette Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Notes: New York Strip
Steak $48.95, Hash Browns
$11.95, Macaroni and
Cheese $8.95, Maker’s Mark
Whiskey Bread Pudding $10.95.
Price: $$$$
Ambiance: Fine Dining
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Tummy Points: 4/5
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Being named one of the best steak restaurants in any major US city is quite a big feat if you know how much people in the US love steaks. Manny’s Steak House, opened in 1988, has been one of these places and its name is familiar to anyone in Minneapolis.

Situated in quiet downtown Minneapolis, Manny’s is close to a number of hotels and just a walk away from the popular Nicollet Mall street – which is full of life on weekends during spring and summer.

Manny’s is designed like The Keg with a dark high class interior. The waiting area’s wall is lined with photos and signatures from various famous people.

The dining room was filled with people on a weekday so I recommend making reservations well in advanced. For those of you of the old school steak house group, Manny’s brings over a cart of raw beef under wrap so you can see what kind of meat you’re going to get when you order.

Complimentary bread was room temperature and reasonably soft. Too bad the butter wasn’t the whipped kind. It’s just a little plastic container of cold hard butter.

NOM5204_smHash browns came out nice and hot with a crisp golden brown crust. Inside is hot shreds of soft potato. I’d have preferred more crispy potato inside but I guess it would’ve been too much crunch.

NOM5201_smMacaroni and cheese is a mix of 3 different cheeses. I couldn’t remember what type of cheeses were used but it still ended up being a little too watery for my liking. Nothing special about the macaroni.

NOM5202_smThis is where Manny’s shines. The New York strip, prepared medium rare, came out exactly what you expect and more. Outside is nicely grilled to crisp sealing the flavor and keeping the inside a deep red. Surprisingly, the steak wasn’t bloodly even after cutting it in half – unlike other steak restaurants I’ve been to. Weighing in at 16oz before cooking, the New York strip is a lot of meat after hash browns so be prepared to share. Another pleasant difference at Manny’s is no sharing charge.

NOM5206_smMaker’s Mark Whiskey bread pudding didn’t go down so well with my friends. It was very strong on whiskey. Perhaps it just wasn’t our thing.

NOM5205_smThis was my favorite dish of the night. No jokes. It’s better than the steak. Manny’s banana cream pie is a must have if you find it on the menu – which, sadly, is not always the case. The banana cream was so fresh with ripe bananas and a health amount of good tasting whip cream. The pie crust is the hard kind which I just love. I’d gladly skip dinner for more of banana cream pie!

Manny’s Steak House is a must visit in Minneapolis if you love steaks. It has great staff who can provide good recommendations on steak, sides, wines, and desserts. The food was great overall. The bread and macaroni & cheese could’ve been better but the areas where you counted like steaks and dessert were great. It wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever had but it was the best banana cream pie I’ve ever had. I highly recommend a visit here but be sure to book ahead.


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