Five Guys Burgers and Fries


3871 Gallagher Dr, Edina, MN

Notes: Burger $4.49, Fries $2.59

Price: $
Ambiance: Casual
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Tummy Points: 4.5/5

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One comfort food of mine is a good thick all beef hamburger. How can you beat a juicy slab of ground beef prepared over an open grill served between in a toasted bun? So in the first few weeks in Minneapolis I found out about a chain that has been slowly growing throughout the US, Five Guys.

The interior is mainly white with some white and red checkered patterns. Interestly the divider between the ordering line and the dining area are large bags of potatoes. If you find yourself waiting in line or for your order, you can usually find a bowl of unopened peanuts to keep your mouth busy. If you’re severely allergic to peanuts then I’d avoid Five Guys.

The menu at Five Guys is simple. You can order a regular sized burger or a smaller burger. Both come with two patties but the smaller burger is about 66% the size of the regular patty. You can add cheese or bacon for 60 cents each. The complimentary topping menu is much more difficult. You can add any of the following to your burger: grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, onion, lettuce, pickles, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, and/or Green Peppers. Then add any of the following condiments: mayo, A1 sauce, relish, ketchup, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, and/or mustard. Fries come in regular size or large. Regular can easily be shared between 2 people while the large between 3.

09212009551_smThe regular fries comes in a small styroform cup which they routinely overfill into the paper bag holding your order. They taste like fries from New York Fries with skin, medium thickness, and lots of soft potato goodness. You also get a lot of crispy tips if you prefer those fries. Fries usually come out hot, fresh, and enough oil to soak through the paper bag. You can also order cajun fries for the same price.

NOM4601_smEvery burger comes fresh off the grill with your toppings and wrapped in tin foil to keep your burger nice and warm until you’re ready to devour it. The burgers are fresh hand packed ground beef that hasn’t been frozen before being packed. The burger was very juicy and the tin foil keeps all the juicies around the burger. Grilled onions, mushrooms, the cheese definitely make this an amazing burger. The wealth of available toppings is great for hitting everyone’s burger preferences. Lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and crispy. The middle of the beef patty is usually a little pink so if you’re concerned about that I’d recommend eating around the center.

If you’re not feeling like a burger, they also serve hot dogs and grilled cheese. But really, why would you order those here?

Seating is really tight and there’s a limited number of seats available. Out of the 4 times I’ve been to Five Guys I’ve once came across no seats available and had to wait. The lunch lines are long at Five Guys but staff quickly take orders and food usually comes out within 5 minutes.

It’s definitely one of my favorite burger restaurants at the moment. I’d have to try Fuddruckers again to see if they still deserve that conveted Tummy Point 4.5 score I gave it a year ago. Their potato wedge toppings are amazing! I totally recommend visiting a Five Guys if there’s one in your neighbourhood. And for my Canadian readers, Five Guys will be slowly expanding into Canada too (National Post) so be on the look out.


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