Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck


83 Kamehameha Highway
Kahuku, HI 96731

Tummy Points: 3.5 out of 5

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on Urbanspoon

One of the must visits on Oahu, Hawaii is the Polynesian Culture Center. Most people staying on Oahu find a hotel around Waikiki beach. There are two ways you can drive from Waikiki Beach to the Polynesian Culture Center; either drive East along the coastline or go North and drive past the Dole plantation, which is what we did. Along the way, about 5-10 minutes drive past the Dole plantation, we saw a number of fresh fruit stands, great surfing beaches, and lots of shrimp stands. Seeing the many cars parked alongside the road, I just had to stop and see what was so good.

Giovanni’s had the longest line of all the shrimp stands so, like any tourist, figured it was the best one.

NOM5145_sm12 shrimps in boiled, pan seared garlic, or spicy flavor with 2 scoops of rice was $13. You can get half of that for $6.50. Remember to bring cash as that’s the only thing they take.

The outdoors seating area:

NOM5143_smI got the garlic shrimp and they didn’t skimp out on the garlic:

NOM5147_smThey weren’t huge shrimps but it wasn’t small either. You can use that lemon slice to estimate the size. The bottom was trenched in garlic oil. The shrimps came out hot and very fresh. The meat had a crunch to it that you get with fresh shrimp.

For about a dollar per shrimp and to have it pan seared in lots of garlic, it’s a good deal. Their most popular dish is the garlic shrimp so if you like garlic then you definitely should make the trip here since you have to go to the Polynesian Culture Center if you’re on Oahu. The drawback is having garlic breath for the rest of the day. As any good foodie, remember to visit some of the local eateries while on your vacation!


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