Market Station Asia Fusion


Market Village
4390 Steeles Ave. Unit B16
Markham, ON L3R 9V7

Eric Tummy Points: 4

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Inside Market Village are a number of restauarants. I rarely eat at them because parking at Market Village and Pacific Mall is such a hassle on weekends. But since I was bored on a weekend I decided to drop by Pacific Mall to check out what’s new with cell phones and it was around dinner time so we also had dinner there too. One of the places that didn’t look too formal but a lot better than food court was Market Station Asia.  Market Station Asia serves a variety of Hong Kong style dishes like portuguese style baked rice.

A very basic but comfortable interior:

NOM1466_smIncluded Soup:

 NOM1469_sm Generally tasteless and resembled more like tea. It was served in something like a tea cup but a tad larger.

Pick a drink from a fairly extensive list with your dinner:

NOM1470_smThe one on the left is a red bean in crushed ice with ice cream while I forgot what I got on the right. Might be lychee.

Curry Chicken:

NOM1468_smThere were a lot of large chunks of dark meat. Chicken was moist and cooked just right, vegetables were crunchy and fress, and the curry was just thick enough with a few spices. I ate a few of the hot peppers and really needed my lychee drink to cool my tongue off.


NOM1471_smThis dessert was like jello but didn’t taste like much.

It’s surprising to get so much food for around $12. Drinks alone are $4 at most drink stores and if you fancy the dessert that’s another $2. The main course was decent enough but I did wish there just more quantity but quality was good enough that I’d go again. The drink selection was very impressive and a lot better than the typical coffee/tea/pop choice that most places give you. I would recommend coming to Market Station Asia if you’re in the shopping in Market Village and looking for a good budget meal.


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