After Rain


723 Central Parkway West
Mississauga, ON L5B 4L1

Tummy Points: 3.5 out of 5

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It seems that new Thai and Asian fusion restaurants are popping all over Toronto and the surrounding area. Out to capture some of those mouths and market is After Rain. They are located in Mississauga by a very well known Asian grocery store called T&T. After Rain is a fairly new restaurant so let’s see if it’s good enough to stand the test of time and people’s tastes.

A water fall along the wall, comfortable seats, and a spacious interior welcome guests:

   nom2069smox8 The interior was so well decorated that you wouldn’t know it use to be a bar.

Complimentary Edamame:

nom2071smuf5These arrived cool and not salted. They were yummy though and not dried. Can’t complain too much about complimentary stuff.

Dragon Roll:

nom2073smlk1Softshell Crab, avocado, cucumber, flying fish egg roll. The softshell crab was very crunchy and good. It wasn’t fried on order but it was fresh. The rolls were packed well and weren’t too tight nor fell apart. The avocado was cool and soft – just the way I like it. The athestics is the best of any dragon roll I’ve had and I guess justifies the $11 price.

Green Chicken Curry:

nom2075smcr8The green curry was slightly spicy. The curry was smooth and more on the watery side. There were a lot of vegetables with green peppers, onion, baby corn, mushrooms, cucumbers, and a few red peppers. I felt they were missing bamboo shoots from the curry. There was small slices of white chicken meat that were all at the bottom. I didn’t like how small the pieces were which were generally about the size of my two thumbnails. For a dinner price of $11, it was borderline expensive.

Phad Thai:

nom2074smra7The phad thai had a very uniform taste throughout. The crushed peanuts was the only thing that gave it some varied taste and texture. Very few slices of chicken and they’re the same size as my green curry dish. It wasn’t overly salty but it was getting to that point. It’s pricy at $11.

Taste of the First Kiss:

nom2078smod3Fried ice cream pouch stuffed with blueberry and strawberry. The ice cream was not freshly fried but it was a lot better than ones I got at the Texas State Fair. The batter wasn’t very tasty. The green tea ice cream was just like any place’s green tea ice cream. The blueberry and strawberry are the same as those freeze dried ones you get in a box of cereal. This was the worst dish of our dinner and not worth of the $6. Seeing that green tea ice cream was priced at $4, I can see why this was priced at $6.

After Rain is a nicely decorated restaurant that serves fairly good food. Some dishes are better than others. The curry and phad thai were very uniform in tasted and lacked taste depth. The lack of meat made it feel they were cutting costs. The service can be slow at times but were very nice. It’s a good choice for it’s atmosphere but I really hope they improve their dishes. I still give it fairly high score because they show a lot of promise but it has a potential to get worst. When I drop by a second time and notice differences, I’ll make an update to this review. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try this restaurant.

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