Axia Restaurant


5045 Plantation Place
Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3

Tummy Points: 1.5 out of 5

Axia Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Axia is unique restaurant serving Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and South-east Asian cuisines all under one roof. They don’t mix cuisines together so their dishes aren’t considered fusion. Their most limited menu is Korean which features only one entree. Their web site looked really nice with a lot of great looking food photos. They said it was a good restaurant and even featured a quote by Lori McLorn from the The Mississauga News (yeah, I don’t have an idea who she is either but I figure she must know what she’s talking about since she’s writing for a real newspaper and not some random blog like mine) saying “Erin Mills has every reason to be excited”, so we decided to give it a try.

There was a 30-45 minute wait and it was busy inside. It has to be pretty decent to be so popular. Next time I come I should make a reservation.

nok1765smdn0The seats are wooden with a mix of styles. Each type of cuisine has their own “store front” so you can watch the cooks make your dish. It’s looking pretty good right now.

Strawberry Kiwi:

nok1769smja5A very watered down drink with so little bubbles. It’s pricy at $5 and tasted really powdery.

Red Dragon Roll – Shrimp tempura, avocado, salmon, flying fish roe in a spicy sauce:

nok1770smrp0The rice was soft and warm. The shrimp tempura was soft and cool too like it was cooked yesterday or early morning. The avocado was warm too. The whole thing was sloppy, not fresh, and squishy. Even though I like their use of spicy mayo, this roll scared me away from their Japanese menu. There was very little salmon inside and it was warm as well. For $12, I wouldn’t try it. I would recommend staying away from their entire Japanese menu because I can’t vouch for their fish being fresh or safe.

Malaysian Chicken Curry:

nok1772smjn2Where’s the chicken? It looks like a big blob of oil and it tasted like one too. It was a bit spicy and as bad as it looked, it was the better dish of the dinner. I would pay at most $5 for this but Axia charges $13.

Axia Sizzling BBQ Galbi

nok1773smyr1It wasn’t sizzling when it got to us. It was the last to come to our table and it was just on the borderline of cool and warm. The sauce was very sweet and most of the “meat” was really just fat. I couldn’t finish this $18 dish and ended up throwing out most of the fat.

Just because a restaurant says they’re good and it’s busy, I shouldn’t believe it’s actually good. This was a very disappointing experience. Service was slow. Food was slow to arrive. The food was subpar quality with a high price tag. I wouldn’t definitely avoid coming here again and would actually recommend against this restaurant. The one good thing is that I didn’t get sick from eating here.

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