Saltlik Steakhouse


101 8th Avenue SW
Calgary AB

Tummy Points: 3 out of 5

Saltlik on Urbanspoon

Have you ever been to a full restaurant just to eat their dessert? One restaurant comes to my mind and that’s The Cheesecake Factory. But this time I’m doing it for one of my favorite desserts, a molten chocolate lava cake. There aren’t many places that serve this dessert as it has to be warm in the center and isn’t something that will sit well on a counter top for more than a day.

Knowing my tastes, I’m recommended to visit Saltlik for a taste of their molten chocolate lava cake:

A modern nicely decorated interior:

nok1942smbo6The hostress gave us a peculiar look when we told her we were just there for desserts.

So let’s cut to the chase and order their chocolate molten lava cake:

nok1944smhk2After I broke through the crust:

nok1945smxh4The chocolate fudge was very runny and didn’t really taste like chocolate. It was too sweet for my tastes. The brownie cake part was very good however and opted to eat the cake and leave the fudge. The cake did come warm but it isn’t prepared fresh as they do at Roy’s.

The service was quick and we didn’t have to wait long for the chocolate molten lava cake. We also had some mixed drinks before our dessert which were watered down and lacking alcohol. However, the cake was decent tasting but didn’t amaze me as it did at other restaurants. Saltik’s molten chocolate cake ranks fourth in my list of #1 Roy’s (Dallas, TX), #2 Nobu (Dallas, TX), and #3 Finale (Boston, MA). It’s worth a visit but it’s not a place I’d highly recommend

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