Dragonboat Fusion


160 East Beaver Creek Rd.
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3L4

Tummy Points: 4 out of 5

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Are you getting tired of my Chinese restaurant reviews? I’ve been going to a new one every other weekend so I have a lot more coming. I’ve been sprinkling them in my reviews from time to time. My parents and their friends like finding new things, but they’re always Cantonese dining, so I try a lot of different places when I tag along.

The parking area is very narrow with very little parking in the front. It’s not well lighted at night. The restaurant doesn’t look impressive from the outside.

A stylish but bright interior:

nok1016smI was surprised. The inside looked a lot better than the outside.

Chef’s Special Crystal Free Ranged Chicken:

The chicken was moist and warm.

Bok Choy and Mushrooms:

nok1019smNot as oily as other restaurants. I was impressed by the number of mushrooms in the dish.

Stir fried shrimps with vegetables:

nok1020smThe shrimps were quite large and crunchy.

Stir fried beef with green bean and onion:

nok1021smLots of beans and tasty beef that’s hidden under all those beans. The fried onions make the dish look more fancy but it doesn’t make a taste difference.

Honey garlic pork ribs:

nok1022smVery very rich in garlic taste. There isn’t a lot of pieces of ribs and there isn’t a lot of meat on each rib.

The dishes were all prepared, especially fresh and hot. The prices were very reasonable, about $12 each dish (as usual, seafood dishes are more expensive). I didn’t have any dishes that really stood out from other Cantonese cuisine restaurants. I don’t really understand the fusion part of this restaurant since I didn’t find see any items on the menu like that. With a lot of my friends getting married, this would be a good restaurant to have a banquet but parking is a trouble here.


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