2477 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M4P 2F5
416 483-2211

Tummy Points: 4 out of 5

Centro Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

If you live in midtown Toronto, you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in Toronto such as North 44, Auburge du Pommier, and Sequel in your neighbourhood. Situated in midtown Toronto as well, Centro serves a blend of North American dishes.

A nicely decorated modern interior with a very high ceiling:

dsc03283smia1Seats were sized well and soft.

The complimentary bread:

dsc03284smwu9I wasn’t too fond of the dry loaf of bread that included baked in olives.

Complimentary appetizer of melon wrapped salmon:

dsc03290smxg3Very muted taste that includes and variety of textures with a soft exterior, crispy tortilla topping, and a chewy salmon.

Penne with Pesto – Semi-dried cherry tomatoes, smoked chicken, and goat’s cheese:

The penne was prepared just right without it being too soft or raw. The goat cheese was very soft and surprisingly mixed well to the penne and soft chicken.

Ostrich Tenderloin – Cape gooseberry chutney and port wine reduction:

dsc03291smgf8Ostrich was tender and very learn. I had mine prepared medium rare. Ostrich tested very much like venison. If you haven’t had venison, it’s deer meat and resembles lean beef.

Service was prompt in the beginning but as the restaurant got busy we were neglected and not even provided a dessert menu after cleaning our table. We were served bottled Fiji water which is about $6, pasta dishes are priced around $18 while the main entrees average $30. Food quality is high and best to try things unique to Centro as those stand out while others may pale compared to other fine restaurants. The high ceiling made me feel disconnected from the restaurant so I would recommend this restaurant but I might not come again


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