5th Elementt


1033 Bay St.
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3A5
416 923-8159

Tummy Points: 3 out of 5

5th Elementt on Urbanspoon

I had featured a $30 fixed price dinner at 5th Elementt a while back and this time was a chance to put my mouth where my featured discounts are.

The $30 fixed price dinner special for two is over at 5th Elementt but they now feature a different $40 fixed price dinner for two with more variety.

A very casual interior:

dsc01841smea2English Green Pea Consomme:

dsc01842smbf9A bit pasty but I do like the little balls.

Smoked Salmon over Grilled Scallops:

dsc01843smyc6This was my favorite dish of the entire dinner. Wrapping the smoked salmon around the scallop brought less attention to the fish taste normally associated with smoked salmon. The scallop was very tender and just cooked enough. The salad included was not impressive and very forgetable.

Vegetarian Samosa Au Gratin:

dsc01844smyz1A very bready dish. The cheese had already solidified when the dish was served to us. I wasn’t too fond of the dryness.

Lobster Risotto:

dsc01845smfz5A very small lobster tail with a huge serving of saucy rice. The rice texture is harder than Chinese rice and most resembling Indian rice. The lobster was overcooked and very dry.

Tandoor Red Chicken:

dsc01846smww2The chicken was dry and the sauce was fairly tasteless. I did not like the rice with this meal.

Chocolate Mousse:

dsc01847smyr1Yum! The second best dish of the dinner. It’s probably from powder as you can tell from the grainy texture. I did like the taste of it however. Rich chocolate taste is always good.

Creme Brule:

dsc01848smgp7A very hard sugar surface and the egg underneath tasted like a typical Chinese egg tart.


dsc01840smem0The elementary school-like soap and paper towel dispenser does not spell high class to me.

We went on a Friday night and it was quite busy with people. Service was extremely slow to take our orders and our dishes came very slowly from the kitchen. Unlike most people at the restaurant, I wouldn’t recommend coming here with a date as food quality is low and it does not have a romantic ambiance. It is, however, possibly a good place to come with a group of friends because of the fixed price menu and slower service means more talk and catching up time.


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