Caffe Demetre

90 Courtney Park Drive East
Mississauga Ontario, L5T 2Y3

100 York Blvd
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 1J8

Tummy Points: 4 out of 5

Caffe Demetre on Urbanspoon

It’s late at night and you want to go somewhere to chill, where can you go? Starbucks is closed at 11pm, it’s a hassle to dress up for the lounges, Tim Horton’s is a bit too casual, and you’ve had enough of bubble tea. Just where can you go? One of those places is Caffe Demetre. The usual closing hours are not set in stone so if it’s a busy night they’ll open longer.

Now I suggested the place, how is the food?

I ordered an Apple Waffle:

Warm apples on a warm waffle really delight the stomach after a dinner. The honey ice cream below the apple continue the “not too sweet” theme. This is a great choice if you’re not looking for sweetness overload.

Chocolate Drink:

Another night i ordered a Hazelnut Crepe:

I asked them to hold off on the chocolate fudge. Below all the almonds and chocolate shreds is a mountain of hazelnut ice cream. The ice cream is not too sweet and definitely competes against hazelnut gelato. The crepes are usually prepared a lot earlier than the whole dish so it wasn’t as hot as I’d like.

Cheese Cake:


The chocolate that surrounds the cheese cake is thick, tough, and very sweet. I recommend avoiding the chocolate. The cheese part is a soft kind.

Overall I would definitely come to Caffe Demetre again. I like the closing policy and it’s a good place to go late at night. I find Caffe Demetre a better place than Symposium because of the quality of the desserts. Unlike Symposium, you can’t stay too long after you’re done your dessert unless there’s no one is waiting on your table.


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