HoSu Bistro


254 Queen St. W. (Queen & John)
Toronto, ON M5V 1Z8
416 848-9456
Tummy Points: 1.5 out of 5
Hosu Bistro on Urbanspoon

I like Japanese food so I try out a lot of different places. We were walking along Queen St. in the entertainment district and decided to try out a Japanese restaurant called Hosu Bistro.

The inside is narrow and deep like all places in downtown Toronto. They serve both Japanese and Korean food. Since the restaurant owner seems to be Korean, I decided to order a Korean dish while my friend ordered some rolls and a salad.

dsc00236sm4ubMy spicy bulgogi dish came out faster than my friends. You can see the hot chilli stuff in red. Beef was minced and I didn’t expect the vegetables to be just strips of carrots and a stem of broccoli. I expected a bit more. But it was alright. I finished it. It tastes like something you can make at home.

dsc00235sm6lpMy friend ordered a smoked salmon salad. As you can see, they used lettuce. Thte salad is the exact same salad that came with my bulgogi as an appetizer but this is a bit more with 4-5 slices of smoked salmon. I had the normal salad so I can say that the tomatoes were not ripe. I never expected salad to use this kind of lettuce.

dsc00237sm2lbLastly the Rainbow roll came. The most odd thing is that the fish was warm. The rice tasted like the Korean rice that came with my bulgogi so it was hard and not too sticky. We were both wondering if we’d get sick from eating warm raw fish. So to reduce our chances of getting sick, we peeled off the raw fish so it turned out to be like a normal california roll.

The salad that resembled no more than the salad that comes free with the meal was $7. My bulgogi that is normal but a bit dry, it was around $7. For warm rainbow rolls it was also $7. The bill wasn’t too high but the food wasn’t very good. I wouldn’t recommend coming back to this restaurant.


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